Sustainable attitude: family energy also moves SP!

Published on Monday, 26 November 2018

“Sustainability is a concept I have learned from an early age. It is a very strong issue in Japan. Food waste is something that really bothers me. Here at home, I use every bit of food that I can! Rinds, stalks and leaves turn into teas, juices, soups, preserves. Here, almost nothing goes in the bin! ”

– Luciana Shimojo

The correct disposal of waste is one of the Shimojo Family’s main concerns. In addition to dedicating themselves to selective collection, they dispose of cooking oil in specific recipients to make recycling and reuse easier.

“Since my children were small, I have taught them to separate organic material from recyclables and to worry about wasting water. I am sure that, if every family does their part, we will have a much better city and world. – Luciana Shimojo”

– Luciana Shimojo

Don’t waste time! Take note of the Shimojo family’s tips and transform small attitudes into big changes. After all, the energy that moves SP must also worry about sustainability and the future of the planet!


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