Northeastern innovation recognised in Italy

“I never settled. I am very proud of having coordinated more than 30 innovative projects here in Ceará just in the last five years. My team and I left the Brazilian countryside to conquer the Enel world." - Eduardo Nascimento


Electric bicycles: great for the environment and for your pocket!

Get to know the Bike Sharing project and learn how electric bikes are good for environmental sustainability and for your pocket!

Play Energy: Brazilian children awarded in Uruguay

For the last five years, with the aim to gather ideas for a more conscientious future, Enel has been promoting discussions about sustainability and innovation among youngsters and teachers.


Sustainable electricity? A right for everyone

Society and indeed life itself would simply be inconceivable without electricity. Yet more than a billion peoplelive without it: that’s twice the population of the EU.


E-mobility: the smart city model

The world’s largest city? Tokyo. The oldest? Jericho. The most expensive? Singapore. The smartest? Difficult to say: there is significant competition for that particular title!