Less pollution: this energy also drives São Paulo!

Published on Monday, 26 November 2018

“I decided to do my part because I am certain that if everyone does a little bit, we can change the world. I believe technology, innovation and electric mobility can improve life in large cities. ”

– Larisson Vinícius

Like Larisson, Enel also worries about the future of cities and invests heavily in research and the development of solutions that contribute for sustainability on the planet. After all, combustion engines emit, on average, 20kg of carbon dioxide for every 100km covered, while electric cars do not produce any pollutant gas emissions. 

“In the world we live today, we have to do something thinking about the future. Electric cars bring benefits not only for him, as the driver, but also for us passengers. The car is comfortable, silent and, best of all, we have a clear conscience for preserving the environment. ”

– Arioaldo Soares, Larisson’s passenger.

That’s it, Larisson and Arioaldo! It’s great to know that the energy that moves São Paulo is also focused on electric mobility. Stay connected with the #EnergyThatMovesSP hasthag to read other stories that drive Brazil’s largest city and follow our social networks: Facebook,TwitterInstagram and Linkedin.