Italian-Brazilian energy that drives São Paulo!

Published on Tuesday, 30 October 2018

“We’ve only seen each other once, but we exchanged letters for two years. In this time, I always invited her to visit me, until one day she gave me an ultimatum: if we were to meet again, I had to go to São Paulo, to meet her family.”

– Giovanni Manassero

That meeting happened at the start of 1970. It was love at second sight. The religious wedding ceremony happened three months later, on July 28th. Since then, that improbable love resulted in three children and five grandchildren. All Brazilian. All Paulistas

“Our family is half Italian, half Paulista, but our energy surely helps to drive São Paulo. I want to welcome Enel and all people and companies that come to our city. We live in a very welcoming metropolis, with a lot of life and cultural diversity. We are very proud to be part of Brazil’s largest energy.”

– Giovanni Manassero

Us at Enel Group are also very proud of being as multicultural as the energy that moves São Paulo. Thank you for the love, Manassero Family!

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