Bom dia, Good Morning, Buongiorno, Buenos Dias!

Published on Friday, 30 August 2019

“Taking part in We Are Energy was an unforgettable experience. Meeting new people from all over the world, having the chance to develop a start-up project and exploring diversity among the participants’ different nationalities were some of the main points that offered an experience that was at the very least surprising. With the project, I’ve become more outgoing with new people and using a new language was one of the main learnings.”

– Gabriela de Angelo Gomes, 17 years old, from São Paulo.

Integration activities with plenty of music and dancing were abundant for all groups. At Campus Kids, there was also the development of a film made with sticky tape, videogame programming, production of a map of the world with collages and much learning about the other countries. The younger children also enjoyed the swimming pool a lot. Campus Teens, meanwhile, had the beach and many group activities. The youngsters developed start-up projects at the Enel Catania Innovation Hub&Lab, visited the group’s solar panel factory, 3Sun, and shared special moments at the Don Bosco Colony, which takes in young African refugees.

“The whole programming entertained me and offered good moments. However, the activity that interested me the most was working as a team to develop the projects. That experience taught me a lot about working with others and how to turn ideas into real projects. It was an extremely important event to build new knowledge and good memories.”

– André Santos Rocha, 16 years old, Goiânia.

Don Bosco Colony – Experiencing the exchange between different cultures

Listen about others, put yourself in another’s shoes. This is what Teens participants did at the Don Bosco Colony. More than just taking them in, the Colony hosts youngsters who went through a difficult crossing. There, they try to bring back the feeling of home, and to look after them like family. On this special day, the We Are Energy teenagers joined the Africans and experienced a concrete exchange, sharing stories from different cultures, stories of inclusion and diversity. Together they painted a panel with messages that summarise the day of their meeting: “education, courage, new perspectives, empathy, respect, sharing, dreams, freedom, challenges, root, meeting, taking care of one another and differences make us special”.

“The visit to the Don Bosco Colony was fun and certainly one of the events I enjoyed the most. There, we had the chance to try typical African cuisine and learn more about the customs and culture. At the party at the end of the day, we connected with them through music and dance. Enjoying the sunset with people who went through extreme difficulties throughout their journey and sharing our own experiences with them was incredible and heart-warming.”

– said Gabriela.

Celebration Day - A day of partying at Enel Group’s headquarters

The last two days of the trip had a party mood. Kids and Teens gathered for a tour of Rome, where they learned more about the city’s history. July 24th, the last day of the trip, had a different feel. It was a day to celebrate the programme with a special presentation in the auditorium of Enel’s headquarters. The event was broadcasted live to all employees in countries where the Group has a presence.

Diversity and inclusion are vital themes for Enel,” explained company president Patrizia Grieco on Celebration Day 2019. For Group CEO Francesco Starace, Enel’s presence in several countries is a genuine resource, as diversity works as a boost for innovation. “There are many different ways of doing the same thing, many different solutions for the same problem; seeing things from a different point of view is enriching, doing things together allows us to learn from others,” he said. And is was exactly that feeling that the youngsters experienced.

“We Are Energy offered me a period of intense joy and learning. Throughout the programme’s days I had contact with different customs and cultures, I made great friends and acquired knowledge that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Furthermore, I learned that diversity and inclusion are ideas that can become a reality if we invest our efforts, dedication and work together. It was simply amazing to be able to take part in this event.”

– summarised André.

The emotion for parents was no different. “We Are Energy represented a unique and unrivalled experience.  I am honoured to work for a company that offers an opportunity like this. It was wonderful, the children could meet people from all nationalities, visit amazing places and learn about excellent projects,” said Ester Rodrigues, from Enel Distribuição São Paulo’s Environment department and Gabriela’s mother.

“To me, the programme represented a great trust exercise, both in the organisation prepared by Enel and in my son’s maturity, and offered experiences that will greatly contribute to his development. The daily communication made us more relaxed and close to his routine. He celebrated his 12th birthday away from us, but we managed to do a video call to wish him well and saw all the love and care the WAE 2019 team gave him!”

– Franklin Oliveira da Silva, from Enel Distribuição São Paulo’s Infrastructure & Networks department and Arthur’s father.

On their return, the luggage came back full of memories rich in exchanges, experiences and stories! We Are Energy 2019 reinforced Enel’s commitment to new generations and to valuing inclusion and diversity. The programme encourages employees’ children to get involved with global interest themes, working in a creative and entrepreneurial way.

Obrigada, Thank you, Grazie, Gracias!