Mulheres de Energia: our feminine potency

Published on Friday, 29 March 2019

“Impossible, really, only exists until someone does it. So we are here as women to contribute and make things happen and evolve.”

– Irene Moreira

Irene’s video is part of the #MulheresDeEnergia web series on Enel’s LinkedIn and you will also be able to follow the other stories told during the month of March. The series also tells the story of Lu de Andrade, an electrician in Enel Distribuição São Paulo’s electrical system for four years and a multiplier in the company’s Training Centre, sharing her knowledge and training dozens of electricians monthly.

In the third chapter, Sabrina Costa tells her experience of being the first woman to become Enel Green Power (EGP) project manager. She is leading what will be EGP’s largest wind project in the world. To her, the support of family and friends contributed much for her to reach such heights.

Learn more about these and other stories of some of #MulheresDeEnergia, who contribute to female empowerment within and outside of Enel! Click here to watch the full web series on Linkedin.

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