Sustainability and Economy: Ecoenel Project reaches Cabo Frio

Published on Thursday, 09 August 2018

“I have always been very interested in sustainability, recycling and economy. But it was at university that I had more contact with these themes. From there, I decided to stand for my building’s administrator role, and two years ago I managed to make residents aware of the importance of separating rubbish and being more concerned about the environment.”

– Regina Diniz

As well as implementing coloured bins to boost conscious recycling, Regina created a project to avoid contamination in the building’s grease box. She handed out PET bottles to all residents and collects the residues weekly. She now dreams of developing a project to reuse rainwater.

“If every person does their part, even if it’s just separating recyclable materials from organic waste, we would certainly have a better, more sustainable and more economic future.”

– Regina Diniz

Ecoenel: sustainability and energy bill discounts

Speaking of economy, since March this year Regina has another reason to celebrate. Enel opened the first station for the Ecoenel project in Cabo Frio, in the parking lot of the Assaí Atacadista market, in the São Cristóvão neighbourhood (Avenida América Central, 900).

The programme is available to all our customers. To secure discounts in your energy bill, you just need to take your invoice and the waste previously separated by type – paper, cardboard, cans, bottles and plastic containers as well as general metals – to the Ecostation. There, the materials are weighed and the bonus calculated.

“We are very committed to increase society’s engagement regarding recycling. With the Cabo Frio station, we are helping our customers to fit the energy bill amount to their monthly budgets.”

– Odailton Arruda, Enel Distribuição Rio Energy Efficiency Manager

The Ecoenel project was created in 2007 and is already in full operation in several cities in the states of Ceará, Rio de Janeiro and Goiás. In these 11 years, Enel has recycled around 40,000 tonnes of materials and offered over R$6m in energy bill bonuses.

“Is there anything better than helping to protect the environment and also secure a discount in my energy bill? I am already a regular visitor to the Ecostation!”

– Regina Diniz