Enel supports Angolan refugee’s path of resilience

Published on Monday, 23 July 2018

“Life in Angola was very hard. I earned very little and was hardly able to help at home. My family placed a bet on me and, even though I went through many challenges, I am happy to have found this job.”

– Kiala David

Through the temporary role with the Enel-supported start-up, Kiala learned how to install thermal insulation made of Tetra Pak packaging at houses in the Suruí neighbourhood of Magé. Now, engaged to a young carioca, he is already used to Brazil, sends part of his salary back to Angola and funds the education of two nephews, as well as helping with other family expenses.

Social monitoring

Kiala’s employment was only possible due to the pairing of two projects managed by Enel’s sustainability department. While the Develop programme promotes social monitoring, aiming to help vulnerable families, Enel Shares Opportunity looks for new opportunities for these people to enter the job market. 

“Here at ‘Our House’, he had the chance to learn the carpenter trade in action. The idea is that, with the knowledge acquired, he becomes capable of installing insulation not only made of Tetra Pak, but also PVC, plasterboard and other materials. It was a joy being able to offer him this new qualification.”

– Gustavo Camozzato.

Mariza Rocha, from Enel’s Sustainability Management, says that the company offered full support for the young man to learn the new trade: “In addition to Kiala, another 14 families of refugees from the Congo and Angola, who reside in Enel Distribuição Rio’s concession area, are being served by our projects. Our initiatives help people in terms of employability, education, citizenship, access to public health services and increasing family income,” she added.