An opportunity to start over

Published on Friday, 2 June 2017

“Taking our projects to these families has been a singular experience for our team. We always have the opportunity to learn through the exchange of experiences between different cultures”

– Gislene Santos Rodrigues, Sustainability Projects manager

After passing through countries such as Angola and Morocco, the refugees hope to find in Brazil the chance to start over.

“All the help we’re being offered is very gratifying. We want better life conditions and we want to work for that. It’s great to have this kind of welcome. I left my parents, my nephew, my whole family behind to get a new life here, and I will fight to succeed”

– Kiala David André, electrician and painter

Creating Shared Value

One of the main pillars of Enel Group’s Open Power philosophy is the creation of shared value. We are committed to impacting society in a positive way, opening energy to new players and to new partnerships. To this effect, we try to listen to local communities, establishing a permanent and constructive dialogue, learning about their needs and priorities.