Cutting-edge technology to support people

Published on Friday, 27 October 2017

“We are always trying to increase our operational efficiency, focused on safety and in energy supply excellence”

– highlights Johjan Alberto Isaza Barrios, Enel North Operational Unit manager

The helicopters operate at a safe altitude to ensure the reliability of the manoeuvres. In addition to verifying the distance between the power lines and buildings, works and trees, the laser measurements also identify irregularities, reducing interruptions and power failures.

In 2016 the helicopter inspected 566km of Campos Centre’s medium voltage network in areas of difficult access. This year we will fly over another 6,700km, equivalent to 15 times the distance between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

In urban areas, vehicles equipped with the same technology perform the inspection. Last year the cars covered 160km of Niterói’s Centre and 161km of São Gonçalo’s Centre. In 2017 we will acquire two more vehicles and cover another 2,100km.

The Thermographic Inspection project is part of Enel Group’s commitment to finding innovative solutions, reducing risks to the safety of employees, customers and the general population.