From craftsmanship to fashion

Published on Wednesday, 5 July 2017

“When I was young, we only had two options: either we helped with the crops or we learned how to braid carnauba and buriti [Amazon palm tree] straw. For over ten years I have made my living exclusively from manual work. Craftsmanship is my sole source of income and I am very proud of that”

– Neuda Silva, artisan

In the last week of May, these two universes united to promote and highlight the cultural identity of the state of Ceará. A large structure was assembled at the Maritime Passenger Terminal in Fortaleza to host fashion celebrities, stylists, students, seamstresses and artisans. Every night, the DFB festival was visited by around 10,000 people.

“We had 43 catwalk shows, 20 lectures and workshops, 18 musical performances, 64 entrepreneurs spread across an area of 1,200 m² and over 500 people involved in production. The Northeastern vocation for fashion deserves an event of this stature, which would have been impossible to organise without our partnership with Enel”

– Cláudio Silveira, DFB Festival director

Training to highlight regional identity

During the event, 13 artisans that are part of the Enel Shares Entrepreneurship project displayed and sold their works. Those who visited the Travelling Social Store found crochet and patchwork pieces, embroidery, lace and products made of straw, clay and biscuit.


“Wow! After I joined the project my life changed completely. Before I was kind of invisible, you know? I didn’t know how to present my work, how to approach a customer... Now my clientele has tripled! I take part in events, learned how to express myself better, could refurbish my home, build a warehouse to work in. I can only be thankful.”

– Neuda Silva.

Enel Shares Entrepreneurship was created in 2007. Until last year over 8,200 people benefitted from the programme, which offers courses in craftsmanship techniques, quality control and sales management.

“The project represents the company’s global positioning of approaching sustainability and sharing value. It is an income-generation opportunity for the state’s population”

– Ana Cilana, Sustainability Projects Specialist at Enel Distribuição Ceará