Innovation & Sustainability

Find out more about the main strategic pillars of the Enel Group

Our Inititatives

Ecoenel Programme

The initiative offers discounts on the energy bill to help address a global challenge: the proper disposal of recyclable waste. To join the initiative, which combines innovation and sustainability, just go to any Ecoenel collection point and present the energy bill in which you want to receive the discount

Enel Shares Leadership Network

Created in 2005, the Enel Shares Leadership Network is an innovative partnership approach that stimulates the development of local leaders to help with community organisation. An important tool in building a close relationship between the Group’s distributors and communities, the project materialises the concept of Shared Value Creation

Energy Start

Through the Open Innovation model, Enel Group invests in the development of businesses and in the creation of an ecosystem of startups in several sectors. Our mission is to open the universe of energy to new technologies and partnerships in search of deals and opportunities to improve services, generate value for our customers and for society.