A new hope for life: this energy also drives SP!

Published on Monday, 26 November 2018

“I imagined what the life of a refugee was like but, until then, that was a reality distant from mine. When I started teaching, still as a volunteer, I was exposed to very different life stories. The students share their dreams, their difficulties, and it is very gratifying to be able to help them transform their lives. ”

– Marina Reinoldes

In 2017, Brazil received around 34,000 asylum requests. São Paulo was the most sought-after state – at least 9,000 refugees looked for a new opportunity to start over in Latin America’s largest city. Born in the Republic of Ghana, Margaret was one of those people:

“I was born in a village, in a farm that was in a really bad situation. My life was very, very hard, but now, just being able to communicate in Portuguese makes me feel that my future will be much better. ”

– Margaret

Racial, sexual and religious prejudice; differences in political opinion; civil wars; extreme poverty and complete hopelessness: the reasons that bring refugees to search for a new opportunity in Brazil are diverse. Knowing that, Enel, through the Enel Shares Opportunities Platform, offers services to many refugee families.

“With the aim to open energy up to new people and new partnerships, we keep a permanent dialogue with the communities in which we operate and support several shared value creation projects”

Like teacher Marina, Enel believes that the energy that moves SP must also concern itself with education, with employability, with access to public services and citizenship as a whole.

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