Innovation is one of the main pillars for Enel Group globally. Taking into consideration the technological challenges of the electrical sector, we believe that innovation is fundamental for sustainable development.

For that reason, we have invested in projects that contribute to the increase of operational efficiency, to the reduction of environmental impact, to social responsibility and to the development of new technologies in equipment or processes.

In 2017, Enel Brasil invested around R$17.5m in research and development projects together with several universities and tech companies, contributing to the intellectual capital and the recognition of these institutions as excellence centres in the field.

Enel Brasil’s Research and Development Programme meets Law 9.991/2000, which establishes the obligation to apply a minimum percentage of your Net Operational Revenues in technological innovation projects. The use of resources is regulated and inspected by the National Electrical Energy Agency (Agência Nacional de Energia Elétrica – ANEEL) through Normative Resolution 754, from December 13th 2016.

Below is the R&D account balance for our companies as well as information on the completed projects recognised by Aneel: 

Enel Rio R$26.499.136,84
Enel Ceará


Enel Goiás R$59.628.807,01 
Enel Cien R$9.453.158,23
Enel SP R$98.980.870,18
EGP R$6.461.767,21 
CGTF R$24.167.446,67

Research and Development Programme Results