Cinesolar: roaming station for art and sustainability

Published on Monday, 24 September 2018

“My expectations ahead of going through this experience are immense. Neither I, nor any of my children, had ever seen a screen so big. When I learned that Enel was promoting this solar-powered cinema, I was hoping that one day it would reach my neighbourhood too. I insist on making some popcorn myself for the enjoyment of the whole community”

– Itamar Portilho, community leader.

The Cinesolar van, equipped with panels that generate electricity through sunlight, carries all the equipment necessary to set-up a full cinema screening: chairs, screen, projector and sound system. The goal is to transform public spaces (streets, squares and parks) into an actual sustainable projection room, bringing residents living around EGP’s plants closer to the features and benefits of renewable energy.

“Most people who take part in our sessions open their windows to face wind turbines or large fields of solar panels. We want them to become familiar with this theme and understand, in practice, how the process of renewable generation works.”

– Cynthia Alario, project idealizer

In the Lagoinha edition, five short films about sustainability and quilombola culture were shown, praising life in Brazil’s countryside. All so that the families of Dona Itamar and Seu Gilberto, president of the local residents’ association, felt represented on the screen:

“Up until now, my children hadn’t been to the cinema, because nothing of this sort had ever happened here. The films you have shown were very good and entertaining. I can only thank you in my name and in the name of my family.”

– Gilberto Alves

As well as the cinema screenings, Cinesolar promotes workshops that explore environmental and sustainability issues. In Lagoinha, the Solar Oven workshop engaged the population. Participants received tips on healthy eating and learned how to build an oven that doesn’t use gas, wood or electricity. Now, they are able to make their own recipes using only the heat from the sun, knowledge that could even provide a new opportunity for income generation.

“Cinesolar is part of our commitment with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The project allows us to share actions towards environmental preservation, already undertaken within our ventures, with the local communities. Little by little our presence is seen as a value aggregator in the region.”

– Enel Brasil sustainability director Márcia Massoti

Undoubtedly, the passage of the Cinesolar caravan through the Bahia countryside will be registered in the memories of Dona Itamar, Seu Gilberto and all the residents of the settlement.