Enel in Goiás: our energy at the heart of Brazil!

Published on Thursday, 8 march 2018

“More than a change in identity, we are reaffirming the commitment that we undertook when we started our operations in Goiás. From day one, our focus has been on planning and executing the improvements required to improve the quality of our service, always searching for efficiency and greater technological innovation”

– Carlo Zorzoli, Enel Brasil Country Manager

We currently distribute energy to nearly 3 million customers between businesses, residences and commercial establishments in Goiás. People with distinct traits, spread around 237 municipalities, in urban and rural areas. Goianos who represent one of the richest cultures in Brazil, which influences our music, literature, art and gastronomy, comprising a vast and diversified universe of accents, dances, festivals, beliefs, crafts, songs and recipes. Goiás is pure energy! 

“We want local people to feel that the energy that moves us is present in many aspects of our daily lives. Based on the Open Power concept, we are opening energy up to new people, new uses, new partnerships and new technologies, helping to strengthen local economies. In Goiás, this change represents a series of opportunities that include the acceleration of access to energy as well as new products and services”

– Carlo Zorzoli

Between 2018 and 2020, an Enel will invest R$ 2 billion in Goiás

The rebrand will also expand our company’s sustainability actions in the state. In addition to Enel Shares Efficiency, an ongoing project that promotes replacing old fridges for more efficient ones, the Ecoenel project will also be launched, allowing customers to exchange recyclable waste for discounts in energy bills.

However, most of the actions planned for this year relate to the modernisation of the electrical grid, with the installation of remote network management devices, which contribute directly to the improvement of the quality of service. The development plan also includes several works to build and expand substations and transmission and distribution lines, as well as the strengthening of maintenance actions. The company is also investing in cutting-edge technology, such as thermographic inspections of the electrical network, performed by using helicopters.

“We are excited about the opportunity to operate in a state with as much growth potential as Goiás. We believe that electricity is an important agent for development, be it in the countryside, to further catapult the agribusiness – an important part of Goiás’ history – or in the rapidly-expanding urban centres”

– Carlo Zorzoli