Paraty residents celebrate the arrival of electricity

Published on Tuesday, 2 January 2018

“The arrival of electricity symbolised the arrival of a more dignified life. We didn’t have an identity, since you need an electricity bill as proof of address. Today we have our identity. Because of this, we are all very happy”

– Catiana Rita, local resident

Works in Paraty began in 2013. One of the main obstacles that needed to be overcome by the Enel team was the transport logistics for the posts and transformers that would be used in the project:

“In addition to the communities located in distant places, we had to face the power of the open sea and carry heavy equipment by hand, traversing forest trails. The logistics were very hard, but now they only make us proud”

– Schneider Torres, works coordinator for the Green Coast region

So as not to cause damage to the local fauna and flora, Enel had to take some special measures. As well as using isolated electric cables, the network installed in areas of native vegetation is also supported by steel cables, avoiding disconnections that could be caused by fallen branches.

Open Power to face global challenges

One of the pillars of the Open Power philosophy, adopted by Enel in the 37 countries where is present, covers our mission to “open the access to energy to more people”. Our company understands that electricity is essential for development and human dignity and has expanded the access to the electrical grid especially in deprived communities in South America and Africa.