Who's the fastest: a Formula E car or a cheetah?

Published on Thursday, 21 December 2017

“We knew of the similarities in performance, hence why we were curious to see the result. However, our main goal was to provoke a reflection about not only how our future will be, but also the future of cheetahs and other animals with which we share the planet”

– Alejandro Agag, Formula E founder and CEO

As well as being extremely fast, cheetahs are currently an endangered species. It is estimated that only 7,000 individuals exist in the wild. As they require vast landscapes to survive, the species becomes vulnerable to the loss and fragmentation of its habitat – threats that are exacerbated by climate change.

“My team and I want to take part in increasing awareness of the impact climate change has on our planet. We have already done our bit during the Formula E seasons, showing and developing our electric cars, but we wanted to do more out of the racing course. I am very proud of participating in this film”

– Jean-Eric Vergne, Chinese team TECHEETAH driver

Collaborating for a sustainable discussion

More than a motorsport race, Formula E aims to lead a step change: to boost the intake of electric vehicles on a global scale and to make society cleaner for future generations.

Even though the natural habitat of Formula E are large urban centres, the category’s founder highlights FIA’s concern with smart and sustainable mobility and with the environment.

“We only have one planet and we need to discuss the problems we are facing. It is important to highlight that electric cars can play a key role in reducing CO2 emissions around the world”

– Alejandro Agag

Behind the cameras!

To avoid risking the health of the animals, three cheetahs were using in the film. The shoot was supervised by specialists and representatives of organisations concerned with animal welfare such as Cheetah Outreach, the Endangered Wildlife Trust and Animal Issues Matter. No animal was hurt in filming the action.

Are you curious to know who won this race? Watch the video at the top of this page!


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