A new generation concerned about sustainable development

Published on Monday, 23 October 2017

“Achieving this recognition was so good. In fact, the whole experience at the camp was incredible. In addition to all the sustainable issues we learned about, the activities I enjoyed the most were the ones in the science lab. I learned how to make soap, toothpaste and many other things”

– Artur Gomes, 11 years old

At the end of his stay at the camp, Artur extended his trip and visited other Italian landmarks with his parents. He was overwhelmed by the Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine. The fascination has a reason: the boy is learning about the Roman Empire in school.

“Since I was a young boy I’ve always liked to listen to stories and learn about other cultures. I love having contact with other languages and other people. Being part of this competition and having the opportunity to go on this journey were unforgettable!”

– Artur

The boy’s father, Eduardo Gomes de Paula, has worked at Enel Distribuição Ceará for 18 years. Extremely proud, he adds that the young reporter is also a great backpacker:

“He prefers travel to getting toys as presents. We have had the opportunity to visit a few countries and whenever we can we take him along to see other parts of Brazil. It’s not just because he is my son, but Artur can adapt to any situation, is always upbeat and is very communicative. He came back from Italy even more excited to continue his studies”

– Eduardo Gomes de Paula

Concern with the environment starts at home

When he received the news that he had been selected to spend two weeks at the Italian camp, Matheus Teixeira, resident of Petrópolis, in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro, couldn’t contain his happiness either. In the project he submitted, the youngster pointed out that concern with the environment should start at home. Matheus demonstrated how his family re-educated itself to dispose of waste in a responsible way. His project was selected in the Young Ambassador category.

“I had never visited another country. It was really cool to travel and meet people from other parts of the world, speaking several other languages. In the beginning, I thought it would be difficult to communicate with my colleagues, but the organising team of the event was very nice to me. It was certainly an experience that I will carry with me throughout my life. During the activities, it was evident that small initiatives can make a big difference to improving our planet”

– Matheus Teixeira, 15 years old

Edésio Teixeira, Enel Distribuição Rio Billing and New Connections Manager and Matheus’ father, thanked all professionals involved for the care provided to the teenager:

“It is very gratifying to know the company values our children’s development. Enel’s support was very reassuring. Seeing the happiness in his eyes is priceless”

– Edésio Teixeira

Event agenda encouraged reflections about environmental sustainability

The 13th edition of We Are Energy proposed a reflection about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN for 2030. In total, 110 children of employees between the ages of 8 and 17 were selected to take part in this adventure and could experience unforgettable moments of personal and educational growth.

With a full diary – every day had a new activity, such as lab experiments, games and tours – the kids could dialogue, learn and rethink the challenges of the future and the planet’s transformations.

The We Are Energy project reflects the commitment of Enel Group with future generations and values diversity, encouraging our employees’ children to get involved in themes of global interest, working in a creative and enterprising way. After all, the energy from these new talents also affects our work!