Sunlight, camera, action

Published on Tuesday, 25 July 2017

“Many asked us when we would be returning. In addition to the films, an action that was very well received by the community was the solar ‘cinema workshop’, a video workshop that resulted in a film produced by the children and youths who took part in the activity and that was shown in the evening during the event. That moment was the high point as it gave the participants the opportunity to see themselves on the screen, presenting the film they made to the community”

– Bianca Mazurec, Sustainability Specialist

As well as the cinema, CineSolar is an art and technology station. The back part of the vehicle used for the projections also transforms into a technology room. “It is a very entertaining moment, which also brought a lot of satisfaction to those taking part”, adds Bianca.

A ‘box office’ hit, CineSolar was a fun moment for employees and communities close to Nova Olinda. It was also a way for the audience to learn even more about sustainability and renewable energy.

“Thanks to our Sustanability team, who are doing a very effective and thoughtful job. Congratulations!”

– Tommaso Quadrini, Nova Olinda Project Manager

The Nova Olinda solar plant is located in the state of Piauí and will cover an area of 690 hectares. When operational, the park will be capable of generating more than 600 GWh a year, enough to fulfil the annual energy demands of 300,000 Brazilian homes and preventing the emission of about 350,00 tonnes of CO₂ into the atmosphere.