Research centre on electric mobility

Published on Tuesday, 2 May 2017

“We are very interested in promoting and supporting the development of electric mobility in Brazil. The new research centre will discuss electric mobility as an important component for the reduction of pollutant emissions, for example”

– Bruno Cecchetti, Enel Brasil Innovation Director

In the next few days, Fortaleza will also see the launch of the Research and Innovation in Cities Lab, where new solutions that can be applied to Ceará’s capital and other cities will be studied. One of the first challenges for the teams that will work in the two research facilities is to evaluate the feasibility of expanding electric mobility to include taxis and buses. The multidisciplinary group is formed by professors and Masters and Doctorate students from Unifor and specialists from other institutions. 

Alternative Vehicles for Mobility

The car-sharing system was launched in France in 2011 and is already a reality in several European countries. “Vamo”, the project implemented in Fortaleza, uses a mobile app where users register, pay a monthly fee and use the vehicles to undertake their journeys. The vehicles have a range of 300km.