Do you know what a Solar Condominium is?

Published on Thursday, 4 May 2017

“With this innovation, customers guarantee the price of energy in advance and obtain discounts on their electricity bill since all the energy generated by the panels is injected into the main grid”

– Rafael Coelho

The only retailer present in all Brazilian states and in the Federal District, the Pague Menos pharmacy chain will get 1,500 megawatts/hour (MWh) a year, representing savings of about 7% in its monthly electricity bill.

“This initiative not only conforms with the sustainability we pursue in our business, but also contemplates one of the pillars of our company, innovation”

– Francisco Deusimar de Queirós, Pague Menos president

Enel was the first company to put into practice the energy compensation system through the rental of solar plants. The system follows resolution 482 of the National Electric Energy Agency (Agência Nacional de Energia Elétrica – Aneel).


“This project has everything to do with the Open Power philosophy adopted by our group. Beyond the clean energy concept, which is in our DNA and is the future, we have established another partnership to deliver an innovative solution for a great customer”

– Marcus Rissel, Enel X

Sustainability and quality of life also for the local community

The Solar Condominium has also brought benefits for the population of Tabuleiro do Norte. As well as creating jobs and warming up the local economy, Enel X, through the Efficient Exchange programme, has replaced 600 regular lightbulbs with LED bulbs. Additionally, 109 old refrigerators were replaced with newer and more efficient models. The changes will bring savings of up to 80% to the energy bill of the families involved.

Smart solutions for you and your company

Enel X also acts in the fields of energy efficiency and electrical infrastructure. The distributed generation of solar energy is one of the main solutions developed by the company, which has systems installed in several Brazilian states. 

Main stats from Brazil’s Solar Condominium:

  • 3,420 solar panels
  • 35,000sq m of occupied land
  • 1.1 MWp of installed power
  • Enough energy to supply 900 residences
  • Generation of 1,500 MWh a year of clean energy 
  • 230 T less CO2 in the environment
  • Equivalent to planting 1,368 trees a year
  • Equivalent to 228 fewer cars on the streets a year
  • Savings of 2 billion litres of water a year