Recycling as a life mission

Published on Monday, 6 March 2017

“Many friends ask me why I don't have a regular job, with a formal contract. The reason is simple: recycling is what I love doing”

– Cesar Augusto Lucena, recycler

At the EMTRE headquarters, cardboard, glass, aluminium and plastic gain new life. PET bottles, for instance, are transformed into brooms. The proceeds from the sales ensure not only the livelihood of the group, but also reinforce the pride of collaborating with the environment.

Nowadays, beyond his work in EMTRE, Cesar is also dedicated to an even bigger battle. He campaigns for the rights and quality of life of rubbish collectors, including formal hiring to clean the city and the right to retirement.

Cesar has travelled to several Brazilian states, taking part in seminars and meetings with public representatives. In 2014, he was invited to watch the World Cup final in Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro, with other collectors from all over the world.

“Watching the final of a World Cup in my country was the best experience of my life and it was only possible because of my work with recycling”

– says Cesar

Did you know that recyclable materials can be converted into discounts on your electricity bill?

In addition to the EMTRE headquarters, the Ecoenel programme has 125 collection points in Ceará, spread throughout the capital and 30 other cities in the countryside. In the State of Rio de Janeiro, the programme has 74 collection points in 11 municipalities. Enel has formed partnerships with recyclers, associations, public agencies and private companies, which donate the space to set up an eco-point.

“All Enel customers are eligible to receive the benefit. More than R$5.2 million have already been granted in discounts on electricity bills”

To receive the bonus, simply go to an Econel station and request the programme membership card. This card corresponds to the consumer unit for which the client wants to receive the benefit. That means the discount can be for you, for a friend, a relative or even for a social project. Each collection point has a list of suggested institutions that can receive your donation.

After registering and receiving your card, simply take your recyclables to the collection point of your choice. The bonus will be credited on your next electricity bill.