Good winds connect Brazil and Uruguay

Published on Wednesday, 15 March 2017

“We are proud to contribute to the development of renewable energy in Uruguay. The country fits our expansion plan perfectly as it is in full economic and population growth, as well as possessing abundant energy resources and a stable regulatory framework. Our goal is to continue investing in Uruguay and grow with this strategic partnership”

– Carlo Zorzoli, Enel Brasil Country Manager

Commitment first to society 

Since the first team arrived in the region, constant dialogue with the locals has been crucial. The population’s requests have been heard and EGP provided several improvements to the community. 

“The Park embellished the landscape of Cerro Largo even more and brought several benefits to the area through improvement works and resource grants. We can only thank the company for the way everyone has worked. This town’s doors will always be open to you”

– Luis Segui, Arbolito Mayor

In addition to refurbishing the main leisure areas in the region, Enel Green Power also installed automatic lights around the city. The cross that symbolises Pope John Paul II’s visit – one of the community’s most important symbols –received a special illumination system fed by solar panels with automatic ignition. 

“We look to create shared value, promote development and contribute to the local population having better standards of living. Because of this we have also implemented in urban and rural schools the ‘Play Energy’ programme, which focuses on environmental education and in the use of renewable energy sources”

– Jorge Cernadas, Enel Green Power manager in Uruguay

Over 100 students took part in educational lectures by company technicians on the production, distribution and smart energy consumption processes. School Number 35 in Arbolito, which is located across from the Melowind Park, received teaching aids, furniture, equipment and construction materials.

“Since the plant was opened, the school has undergone a major transformation. We received very important donations that helped us a lot, in every way”

– Miriam Lagos, School Number 35 Director

Shared value creation and CO2 emissions reduction

Enel Green Power currently runs 740 wind, solar, hydro, geothermal and biomass plants in 16 countries. The creation of shared value and promoting sustainable development are the company’s main vocations.

“We approach the communities where our projects are developed because we want the population to truly benefit and grow with us”

– Jorge Cernadas