Enel brings its global brand to Brazil

Published on Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Enel Distribuição Rio and Enel Distribuição Ceará are the new names for the Enel Group’s Brazilian distribution companies Ampla and Coelce, while its energy solutions company Pratil has become Enel X

With this change, which includes a new visual identity, logo and website, the Group’s Brazilian companies are embracing Enel’s Open Power strategic and operational approach

Rio de Janeiro, November 8th, 2016 – Enel, a leading power utility present in more than 30 countries across four continents, has brought its global corporate brand to its companies in Brazil.  Following the rebranding, the Group’s distribution companies Ampla and Coelce, which operate in Rio de Janeiro and Ceará respectively, are now Enel Distribuição Rio and Enel Distribuição Ceará. Enel’s Brazilian energy solutions company Pratil has become Enel X.

“The rebranding process is an important step for us in Brazil that puts us fully in line with the new vision and identity of the Enel Group and reinforces our long-term commitment to the country”

– Carlo Zorzoli, Enel Brasil CEO

The change is part of the Group’s new global identity and positioning which is based on its Open Power platform which translates into openness to people, new technologies, new uses of energy and new partnerships as the cornerstone of its strategic and operational approach.

“We want to continue to play a leading role in the Brazilian energy market, acting as an innovative, sustainable and forward-looking company open both to all our stakeholders and to the changes that the sector is experiencing, both here in Brazil and elsewhere around the world”

– Carlo Zorzoli, Enel Brasil CEO

Enel’s new identity positions the Group as a modern utility that is open, flexible, responsive and able to lead the energy transition, using the changes it is undergoing internally to maintain its global relevance and to make the most of the opportunities that the transition can bring. The strategy also involves creating closer synergies between subsidiaries and the adoption of a single brand, in particular in markets – such as Latin America – where the Group’s portfolio includes assets with different names and visual identities.

Enel in Brazil

In Brazil, the Enel Group operates in the generation, distribution and transmission sectors through Enel Brasil and its subsidiaries. The Group also has a significant presence in the country’s renewable energy sector through Enel Green Power Brasil, which is a leader in solar generation and one of the country’s largest wind energy players. In total, Enel has an installed capacity of nearly 1.5 GW in Brazil, of which more than 500 MW comes from renewable energy facilities, while the Group serves approximately 7 million customers and has around 3,330 direct employees.

Company`s new brand name in Brazil:

  • Enel Distribuição Rio is replacing Ampla, a distribution company that operates in 66 Rio de Janeiro municipalities, serving over 3 million customers.
  • Enel Distribuição Ceará replaces Coelce, a distribution company serving nearly 4 million customers in Ceará state.
  • Enel X replaces energy solutions company Prátil.
  • Enel Cien replacing Endesa Cien, which operates a transmission line between Brazil and Argentina.
  • Enel Trading Brasil is replacing Endesa Cachoeira, which operates an hydropower plant in Goiás.
  • Enel Geração Fortaleza replaces Endesa Fortaleza, a thermal power plant at the Pecém Complex in Ceará.
  • Enel Green Power Brasil Ltda keeps its brand name.


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Enel brings its global brand to Brazil