New association of distributors in Latin America organizes its first internal webinar and presents its roadmap

Published on October 30th, 2020

The energy system is undergoing a fundamental transition in which distribution companies play a very relevant role, facing an unprecedented growth of new and more flexible types of load (mainly renewable energy sources - distributed generation) and storage elements connected to their electrical networks. The fundamental changes that are already impacting the energy systems in the Region require innovative and cooperative approaches, which is why the main distributors in Latin America decided to come together to generate new ideas, perspectives and solutions. The initial group consisting of 15 entities, leading distribution companies or distribution associations from five countries, representing 69.8 million customers served, was established through a recently signed memorandum of understanding, but is open to further participation.

The future Latin American Association of regional level representative of the electricity distribution sector will promote the proper functioning of the electricity markets in the region and an optimal and coordinated management of the distribution systems.

With the recently signed memorandum of understanding, distribution companies and national associations have expressed their willingness to join forces and thus be able to develop a work plan, culminating in the creation of the Latin American Distribution Association, which was debated in the today's webinar.

The seminar addressed the purpose, governance principles and the roadmap for the next steps of the new association. To this end, the scope of the Association will be to promote the exchange of information, studies and joint efforts in the sustainable development of electricity distribution and all related aspects.

Some priority topics of discussion will focus on the evolution of the energy distribution market framework to respond to the energy transition, including electric vehicles, grid integration (RES), response to demand, other distributed energy resources (DER), network edge transformation (i.e. smart metering), and new customer demands.

Within the scope of the association will also be the debate with all the relevant actors that could contribute to achieve sustainable solutions and systemic benefits.
The entities currently participating in the initiative will welcome other stakeholders in the distribution sector who wish to join the initiative.