Enel replaces fridges in community wedding

Published on Thursday, 10 May 2018

If a wedding is enough to bring tears to the eyes of even the most serious people, what to say of an event that celebrated the happiness of 145 couples? A community wedding that took place in the town of Trindade, a few kilometres away from Goiânia, gathered brides, grooms, family members and guests to honour love.  As a wedding gift, 56 couples were randomly chosen to win a brand new fridge,

Housewife Ildean Carvalho was surprised by Enel Distribuição Goiás’ initiative: “I was very happy when I learned we had won a new fridge, because we really needed it. Now we will spend less money on energy bills too, which will be great!” The same excitement was shared by locksmith Vagno Rocha Pereira:

“Enel arrived in Goiás – and in our lives – when we needed it the most! The reduction in energy consumption and of our electricity bills will be of great help to my wife and I, especially in this new start to our lives. We can only be thankful.”

– Vagno Rocha Pereira

Savings and benefits to the environment

In addition to the newlyweds, another 80 refrigerators were awarded to the population of Trindade. Since last November, the Enel Shares Efficient Exchange Programme has already replaced more than 3,000 fridges in the state of Goiás. Through the initiative, old white goods are replaced by newer models with an A efficiency rating. The new devices use about 24kw/hour/month, which represents a reduction of up to 70% in energy bills.

“The company’s participation in this special moment in the lives of these families reflects our commitment to Creating Shared Value, a concept adopted by Enel globally.”

– Ricardo Bomfim, Enel Brasil Energy and Social Inclusion Manager

According to a study commissioned by the National Electric Energy Agency, fridges are responsible for almost a third of all the electricity consumed at home. Badly maintained devices, in addition to using up more energy than they should, emit ozone-destroying gases, aggravating global warming. Thus Enel promotes the recycling of all the materials removed from used white goods, such as plastic, steel, copper, aluminium, cooling gas, heat insulation, oils and compressors.

About the programme

Enel Shares Efficient Exchange is part of the Enel Shares Programme, Enel’s Sustainability platform, which aims to promote responsible consumption and access to energy for all as well as boosting local socioeconomic development. In 10 years, we have replaced more than 98,000 fridges in the states of Goiás, Rio de Janeiro and Ceará.