Globo and Enel united for sustainability

Published on Tuesday, 10 October 2017

On one side Enel Group, leader in the Brazilian solar energy market. On the other, Globo, the main television network in the country. Two sector giants with a common goal: environmental sustainability.

Enel Soluções has concluded the installation of a mini generation solar plant at the Globo Studios in Rio de Janeiro. In total, 1,477 solar panels were installed on the roofs of the buildings where the broadcaster’s main programmes are recorded. The structure is capable of generating 700,000 kWh a year, enough to supply around 400 families. The renewable energy plant will prevent the emission of 95 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere every year, corresponding to 94 fewer cars on the streets in the period.

“This project is one of the initiatives that allows us to demonstrate our plan and concern with the implementation of sustainable actions associated with the intense control of utilities, aiming to constantly optimise consumption without business impact”

– Thiago Lacerda, Globo Maintenance and Operations Director

Covering 3,000 square metres, the Globo project stands out for being one of the five largest in the country among large consumers that purchase energy in the Free Market (Mercado Livre). These distributed generation systems with micro and mini photovoltaic plants are still rare in Brazil.

Enel Soluções manager Márcio Trannin highlights that the Globo project strengthens the company’s commitment to sustainable development and environmental sustainability.

“We believe that renewable energy sources such as solar power bring real benefits to our customers and also for the country’s electricity grid. This project is another sustainable contribution”

– Enel Soluções manager Márcio Trannin

About Enel Soluções

Enel Soluções works in the fields of energy efficiency, electrical infrastructure, distributed generation and affinities. Residential and commercial distributed generation projects with solar energy are some of the main initiatives developed by the company. Since 2013, Enel Soluções has been in this market, having installed distributed generation systems in 10 Brazilian states and being a pioneer in Solar Condominiums.