Enel hosts UN Global Compact meeting

Published on Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Promoting business financial balance aligned with sustainable development is a task that requires learning, planning and conscious choices. The 3rd “Dialogue on Climate Finance” Workshop, promoted by the Brazilian Network of the UK Global Compact in partnership with Enel, helped to clarify the benefits and the opportunities of access to financial resources to companies concerned about climate change.

Enel’s headquarters in Niterói opened its doors to welcome guests from all over the country; companies from several fields debated dilemmas and pointed at options. Economist and environmentalist Sérgio Bersserman highlighted that the cultural shift is already a reality among youngsters, and it is necessary to bet even more on this change.

“An American survey pointed out that young people aged 15 to 25 do not have cars and have no plans on getting them. This is very innovative! If allied to the economic practice of carbon pricing, the value of sustaining the planet will become part of people’s lives”

– Sérgio Besserman

Sharing information in spaces such as the workshop is very important to ensure plans become a reality. It is necessary to show companies that the reduction in carbon levels is a fact and that it can be very advantageous for the market. Harnessing the national and international credit lines dedicated to the low-carbon economy is an incentive for organisations committed to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

In addition to Sérgio, speakers Gustavo Pinheiro, of the Climate and Society Insitute, and Rui Gomes Jr, of Bradesco BBI, also contributed to the debate by raising points about market dynamics and the adoption of sustainability policies. The audience also had the opportunity to ask the speakers questions in a panel led by Carlo Pereira, executive secretary of the Global Compact’s Brazil Network.

Broadcast live on Facebook, the event had the participation of online viewers, who sent questions through Enel Brasil’s official page. The interactions fostered discussion with topics that are directly involved in people’s day-to-day lives such as excessive consumption, the housing market and personal expenditure.                                      

Commitment with the global environmental goals

The 3rd “Dialogue on Climate Finance” Workshop is part of a series of meetings organised by the Energy and Climate themed group of the UN Global Compact’s Brazil Network. The initiative aims to bring together and stimulate financing institutions and companies interested in applying the global sustainability goals. At the end, the information exchange will result in a publication containing the mapping of the available national and international credit lines.

Enel promotes sustainability among its employees

Always betting on innovation and creative solutions, Enel Group cares about the impact on the habits of its own employees. The “Dialogue on Climate Finance” workshop was part of the Sustainability Network programme, aimed at the internal audience with the objective of debating the human relationship with environmental, economic and social issues. The meeting also marked the launch of the 2017 calendar for the Environmental Sustainability Network, which will feature several activities to promote the sustainability culture within the group’s companies.