Enel: a "Friend of Children" company

Published on Monday, 28 August 2017

With several social projects aimed at securing children’s and youngsters’ rights, for the second time as a holding Enel has received the Friend of Children Company seal from the Abrinq Foundation.

The title represents the company’s engagement in the fight against child labour across the whole productive chain and recognises our internal human resource policies, which promote young people’s entry into the job market in a protected way, respecting the Learning Law (Lei da Aprendizagem).

“Being awarded the seal reaffirms our commitment with the Global Pact principles, supporting the rights of children and youngsters in the country”

– Ana Paula Caporal, Enel Sustainability Planning and Stakeholder Management Coordinator

Individually, Enel Distribuição Rio and Enel Distribuição Ceará have maintained the Abrinq Foundation seal for 10 years. This recognition stems from the many social actions developed in the two states, which have benefitted and transformed the lives of thousands of children and youths. Projects such as Symphony of Tomorrow, Enel Shares Energy at School, Doing Good Network, Develop, as well as education workshops that take place around Enel Green Power’s plants, are aligned with this goal.

United in the same ideal

The Abrinq Foundation aims to mobilise society around matters related to children’s and young people’s rights. Its remit comprises actions, programmes and projects in addition to the promotion of stronger public policies that ensure the rights of these age groups. Enel Group ceaselessly works to reduce the social issues that affect children and youths.