R&D department takes stock of electric car sharing use in Ceará

Published on Wednesday, 12 July 2017


The implementation of an electric vehicle sharing system for employees and taxis in Fortaleza is under review

The first public electric car sharing system In Brazil, launched in Ceará in September, clocked over 1,000 valid trips and 26,000 driven kilometres until May 2017. According to the statistical report by the Research and Development department, the 20 electric cars available through the project have already consumed around 29MWh.

VAMO – Veículos Alternativos para Mobilidade Urbana (Alternative Vehicles for Urban Mobility) is a pilot project created by Fortaleza City Hall and is supported by Enel through research conducted by the Electric Mobility Research Centre. The facility analyses metrics to understand the economic and socio-environmental impact this type of technology brings to Brazilian cities.

The research will contribute to the development of solutions in this field, creating new business opportunities for Enel Group. The company is also responsible for the measuring platform and monitoring the process at charging stations. The Group’s investment in the project amounts to R$ 6.2 million through R&D funds.

VAMO is similar to the system used by shared bicycle users. People register using a mobile app, pay a monthly fee and use the car to make their journeys.

“As a secondary result of this project, the implementation of an electric car sharing system for employees is under review. The electric mobility group is also studying business models to enable the introduction of electric taxis in Fortaleza.”

– Nilo Rodrigues, Research and Development