Festival transforms the sounds of cities

Published on Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Supported by Enel, the Chords of Tomorrow Festival will showcase performances in Ceará, Rio Grande do Sul and Goiás

More than 130 performances in nine cities, of which six in the state of Ceará: this is the Chords of Tomorrow Festival, which happens on April 27–30, revealing music as a potential instrument to transit in and transform different social spheres, occupying and recreating places of a conceivable city.

On April 27th (Thursday), the Festival will be in Fortaleza, with 90 performances in squares, markets, bus terminals and other spaces. In the following three days it will travel to Sobral/CE, Orós/CE and São Luiz Gonzaga/RS (28th), Aquiraz/CE and Cachoeira Dourada de Goiás/GO (29th), Guaramiranga/CE (29th and 30th) and São Gonçalo do Amarante/CE (30th). The whole programme is free. 

The Festival is presented by Enel Distribuição Ceará, the Mayor of Fortaleza and the Government of the State of Ceará through its Culture Department, and executed by Quitanda das Artes, Raimundo Vieira Cunha Institute (IRVC) and BR Arte Institute, with executive production by Cinco Elementos Produções and executive consultancy by Marco Zero Produções.

According to Marcia Massotti, Enel Brasil Sustainability Director, "The Chords of Tomorrow Festival will transform the sounds of the city and take music to places where it doesn’t normally go. The performances will take place in public spaces in order to democratise culture in the cities where the event will happen. The festival supports SDG4, one of the four commitments undertaken by Enel as part of the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which ensures inclusive and quality education and aims to offer learning opportunities to the world."

The festival will feature a diverse selection of professional groups with consolidated careers in the classical and instrumental music scene, such as the Federal University of Bahia Brass Quintet. Young music students from 18 of the country’s institutions that are part of the Symphony of Tomorrow Platform, which have art as a tool for social transformation, offering visibility to the work they do, will also take part in the event. In total, over 1,000 artists will be involved in 130 performances.

THE FESTIVAL – Chords of Tomorrow is a collection of activities that promote integration between institutions involved in music formation and education, offering visibility to their work. Through circulation actions, and bringing its pieces together in the attempt to create a space that takes advantage of the energy each of us carries, the festival aims to generate stronger results for musical diffusion.

SYMPHONY OF TOMORROW PLATFORM – The Symphony of Tomorrow Platform is a network that targets the improvement and strengthening of institutions involved in music education. The network helps the maintenance and development of citizenship through education and musical practice for children and young people. Formed of 18 entities (15 in Ceará, one from Goiás and two from Rio Grande do Sul), the Platform activates a more systematic interaction between actors that carry out projects and significant action in the field of musical creation and formation based on three axes: articulation, formation and diffusion.

The full programme can be found at plataformasinfonia.org.