“We collaborate closely with our partners: sustainability, innovation and openness are always at the heart of our partnerships.”

Integrating our expertise in the energy field with the expertise of businesses in other industries is key to the development of smart grids, energy storage systems, infrastructure for charging electric cars, and programs for the management of Big Data and the Internet of Things.

With universities and research centres

Studying the present to plan the future: this is the mission we share with the research centers, scientific institutions and universities that we partner with.

Our partnerships develop studies and projects with the aim of becoming increasingly familiar with the needs of the communities where we operate, following new innovation paths, and developing technologies and solutions that can give shape to a more sustainable world for everyone.

Alongside startups and innovators

In the age of the sharing economy and open innovation, successful and revolutionary ideas can come from anyone, anywhere in the world.

We are fully aware that innovation is the foremost route to becoming sustainable and competitive, and to adapting to the needs of individual consumers and communities.

This is why we work jointly with startups and business accelerators that wish to change the world and envision our common future.

Together with associations and local communities

Dialogue with communities is at the heart of our business model in all the countries where we are present.

“Sharing needs and working together to identify the most effective solutions constitute the way forward in helping to build the common good.”

In order to increase the effectiveness of social inclusion, support for local economies, and initiatives for environmental protection, we regularly collaborate with civil society associations, non-governmental organizations, and citizen’s committees.

With institutions and public administrations

Our services and technological innovations respond to the needs of individuals, families, and businesses, improving daily life in their communities and in society at large.

We have long-term collaborations with institutions and public administrations to carry out projects and initiatives that reach increasingly large numbers of people: from electricity and gas supply to the development of infrastructure for energy distribution, from electric mobility to the construction of plants that generate sustainable and renewable energy.

With international and industry associations

Our international experience and global presence place us at the center of the transformation that begins with the energy industry and involves all aspects of daily life in industrialized, emerging, and developing countries.

We actively collaborate with international organizations, such as the United Nations Global Compact, with the aim of helping to define common policies and rules and promoting a global answer to the challenges posed by climate change.

We take part in national and international industry associations in order to share skills, technological know-how and best practices. These are the areas most relevant to our business vision and our goal of achieving a low- carbon and sustainable economy beginning with the energy industry.