We are the country's largest private player in energy distribution in terms of consumer units served, with more than 20% of the segment. In the states of Rio de Janeiro, Ceará, Goiás and São Paulo, the company distibutes energy to almost 17 million residences, industries and commercial clients.

Enel Distribuição Rio

Enel Distribuição Rio serves 3.1 million residential, commercial, industrial and public service customers in the state of Rio de Janeiro, a population of 7.8 million people across 66 towns and cities.

Enel Distribuição Ceará

Enel Distribuição Ceará provides energy to 3.9 million customers in 184 towns and cities across Ceará.The third-largest company in the northeast of Brazil in distributed volume, it is one of the most recognised companies in the sector for the quality of governance and for the service it provides. In 2016 it was chosen for the sixth time in the last eight years as the best energy distribution company in Brazil by the Brazilian Association of Electric Energy Distribution – Associação Brasileira de Distribuidores de Energia Elétrica (Abradee).

Enel Distribuição Goiás

In the state of Goiás, we serve 6,2 million people and distribute energy to 237 municipalities in an area of 337,000 km², covered by a electrical network of more than 200,800 kilometers.

Enel Distribuição São Paulo

We are the largest energy distribuitor company in the country in terms of customers numbers. We provide energy to 7.2 million consumer units in 24 cities of the metropolitan region of São Paulo, including the state capital, one of the main economic-financial centre of the country and the world. 


We have a strategic asset for the integration of Mercosur, a company responsible for converting and transmitting energy from Brazil to Argentina and vice versa called Enel Cien.

Enel Cien

Enel Cien is part of the National Interlinked System– Sistema Interligado Nacional (SIN). It comprises the energy interconnection stations Garabi I e II, both in Garruchos (RS), and four transmission lines spanning about 730 km.

Enel Cien is responsible for converting and transmitting energy from Brazil (operating in a 60 hertz frequency) to Argentina (50 hertz frequency) and vice versa, enabling the energy integration of Mercosur. The company is fully controlled by Enel.


Enel is the option to access the free energy market for companies in several sectors: food, automotive, hospitals, paper and cellulose, chemical, shopping centres, metallurgy and glass, to name a few.

Energy X

We strive to be key players in changing the way people relate to energy and we are always searching for new markets, so we have a company dedicated to develop and sell integrated and intelligent energy solutions called Enel X.

Created in 2010, offers personalised products and services in the electrical infrastructure, distributed generation with solar energy, energy efficiency, automation and energy storage sectors, as well as the management of electricity bills and charges.

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