Smart City Búzios

Meet the project that gathers cutting-edge technologies to transform the Búzios Seaside Resort in a model for innovation and sustainability.


About the project

The building of the future has already begun. Enel Brasil believes that, through innovation, technology and sustainability, we can overcome challenges and contribute to the construction of a better world. The Research and Development project started in 2011 by the company chose the city of Búzios, in Rio de Janeiro, to host an innovative energy management model, transforming the internationally renowned resort into Latin America’s first smart city.

Smart city Búzios combines infrastructure, services and technology to create cities closer to citizens, where responsible energy consumption and a reduction in polluting gas emissions are part of people’s daily lives.

At the centre of the initiative, the installation of a smart grid able to integrate traditional technologies with modern digital solutions to improve the electrical system’s flexibility and information management, allowing the real-time administration of information, the automated control of the system and the integration of renewable energy sources.


Benefits for the City

A project for the future, where everyone wins. Meet the main initiatives developed and the benefits created to the city of Búzios:


Project Coverage

·         4 medium voltage lines (15kV) with 67km of circuits;

·         450 medium/low voltage transformers;

·         10,000 customers with smart consumption metering;

·         36MVA of Total Installed Power;

·         55GWh/year consumed

The Project, concluded in November 2016, had investment of R$ 40 million. Smart City Búzios was considered by KPMG one of the world’s 10 most innovative initiatives in sustainable infrastructure. The study conducted by the consultancy firms evaluated 100 initiatives around the globe.


Project Development: Enel Distribuição Rio

Support: Aneel / Research and Development Programme

Official Institutions: Rio de Janeiro State Government / Búzios Town Hall / Rio Capital of Energy