Tips and Guidance

Distributing Energy, sharing opportunities

Usage and Economy Tips

The responsible use of energy can only bring benefits to all. As well as the financial savings, it also represents care for the environment.

Better for you, better for the world. Check our tips out!

Air conditioner

· Install the device in an airy location, with good circulation.

· Avoid areas exposed to sunlight and keep the filters clean to prevent the equipment from being overworked.

· Avoid excessive cold, keeping the temperature at around 23 degrees.

· Remember: the colder it gets, the more energy is being used.

· Keep doors and windows closed to avoid the cold air escaping.



        Safety Tips

We gathered a few tips so you use electricity in a safe way!

Lightning prevention

· Disconnect electronic devices from plugs and avoid turning electric equipment on.

· Avoid having showers or using electric taps during stormy periods.

· Avoid contact with objects that have metallic structures - such as ovens, wire fences, pipes and metal tubes and, especially, telephone and electric cables - particularly if your house is in open spaces.

· Avoid being near tractors, agricultural machinery, motorcycles, carts, etc.

· Avoid places such as open fields, pastures, swimming pools, lakes, beaches, isolated trees, posts and other elevated locations.

· If possible, stay indoors at home for the duration of the storm.