Consumer Rights and Duties

Published on Friday, 23 November 2018

ANEEL Resolution 414/2010, which establishes the general conditions for the supply of electricity, brings rights and duties that consumers must know to correctly use the services and monitor the quality delivered by their distributor.

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It is a right of the client:

·         To receive electricity at their consumer unit in the voltage standards and continuity index established in the contract;

·         To be advised about efficient electricity consumption, looking to reduce waste and ensure safety in its use;

·         To choose the due date for their bill: if the due date does not suit your needs, simply request the change from Enel. We are obliged to offer at least six due date options; 

·         To get their energy bill at least five days before the due date, at the consumer unit’s address or another location specified by the account holder;

·         To be informed via the energy bill of the percentage increase to the electricity tariff and the starting date of its validity;

·         To be informed, through an energy bill, of the existence of open debts;

·         To be informed, at least 72 hours in advance, of the need for programmed disconnections for maintenance or works to the electrical grid. When the consumer unit houses someone who requires equipment essential for the maintenance of life dependent on electricity, the consumer unit’s account holder must be informed at least five working days in advance;

·         To cancel, at any time, charges relating to other services authorised by them;

·         To have free telephone customer service, available 24 (twenty-four) hours a day, for the solution of emergency problems;

It is a duty of the customer:

·         To always keep their registration details updated;

·         In the case of a change in address, the customer should request the account to be closed at the old consumer unit to avoid being charged for future consumption;

·         To pay the electricity bill until the due date, avoiding the charging of fines and interest due to delays in payment or suspension of the energy supply;

·         To inform Enel about the existence of people, at the consumer unit, that require electrical equipment indispensable for life (vital customer);

·         To be responsible for damage caused to measuring equipment or to Enel’s electrical system due to any irregular procedure of technical deficiency of the consumer unit’s internal electrical installations;

·         To be responsible for the conservation of measuring equipment when installed on the premises of the consumer unit;

·         To ensure free access to duly identified Enel representatives to the locations where the measuring equipment is installed;

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