Tariff Flags

Understand the amounts charged according to the country’s energy generation conditions. Scroll the page down!

Since 2015, as regulated by Aneel (National Electric Energy Agency), the Tariff Flags system was implemented in Brazil. With it, the value of energy bills may vary according to the generation conditions of the country’s energetic system, which depends on the reservoirs’ capacity.

The Tariff Flags system aims to syncronise prices and costs, balancing the distributor’s expenses with energy acquisition and the tariffs charged to consumers. Furthermore, it tries to educate society on responsible consumption, signalling where there is a shortage in the energy offering.

Green flag: no change in value.

Yellow flag: there will be an increase in the bill of R$ 1,50 for every 100kWh (kilowatt-hour) used.

Red flag - Level 1: there will be an increase of  R$ 4,00 for every 100kWh used.

Red flag - Level 2: the tariff goes up by R$ 6,00 for every 100kWh used.