Brazilian women, first and foremost

Published on Thursday, 25 October 2018

“When we arrived in the region for the development of the wind farm, we visited surrounding communities to map the local initiatives and develop projects based on Shared Value Creation. From there, the female collective that already existed here received our support. Enel Shares Diversity – Empodera Morro (Empower Morro) is a project that fills us with pride and that has been really changing the lives of these women.”

– Deise Damasceno, Enel Sustainability Specialist

The women of Empodera Morro took part in lectures, workshops and received guidance on inclusive economy. In addition to learning how to use local raw materials to produce various biscuit recipes, they received all the necessary supplies to start production. 

“Everything here is made with a lot of love and good intentions. This year, with the new Enel incentive, we have managed to buy a larger oven and are already expanding production. Our dream is to establish a true community kitchen to produce and supply biscuits for the whole town of Morro do Chapéu!”

– Sirlene Santos, Community Leader and Social Worker

Among the community women who are part of the biscuit factory, Isaltina dos Santos is one of the most excited – and empowered!

“In the past, women often had the gift, had wisdom, had the will, but couldn’t work because their husbands wouldn’t let them. But today this is changing! Today I applaud and am thankful for the new rights that women are conquering!”

– Isaltina dos Santos, project participant

Do you still have any doubts their time has come? “Brazilian women, first and foremost”!