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Holding Enel Brasil

Enel Brasil was stablished to centralise Enel Group's equity interests in the country in the country and to prepare the company for future expansions.


Enel Distribuição Ceará

Enel Distribuição Ceará provides energy to 3.9 million customers in 184 towns and cities across Ceará. The third-largest company in the northeast of Brazil in distributed volume, it is one of the most recognised companies in the sector for the quality of governance and for the service it provides.

Enel Distribuição Rio

Enel Distribuição Rio Enel Distribuição Rio serves 3.1 million residential, commercial, industrial and public service customers in the state of Rio de Janeiro, a population of 7.8 million people across 66 towns and cities.

Enel Distribuição Goiás

Enel Distribuição Goiás provides energy to 2.8 million residential, commercial, industrial and public service customers. the company had the historical responsibility to electrify the State of Goiás, having an effective participation in the development of the region.

Enel Distribuição São Paulo

Enel Distribuição São Paulo provides energy to 24 cities on the metropolitan region of São Paulo, including the state capital, one of the main economic-financial centre of the country and the world. We are the biggest company in customers numbers and in terms of distribuited energy in Brasil.

Generation & Trading

EGP Cachoeira Dourada

Enel Green Power Cachoeira Dourada S.A. operates in trading and generation of energy in Goiás.

Geração Fortaleza

A Enel Geração Fortaleza owns one of the most advanced technologies in thermal energy generation.

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