Music to cradle dreams

Published on Monday, 26 June 2017

“I thought about quitting the project a few times. One day, the teacher talked to me and explained that the beginning was hard for everyone and that I would have to apply myself even harder. The official rehearsals happened three times a week, but I decided of my own accord to study every day. That’s when I started to progress”

– enthuses Silvio, who also learned how to play the tuba

The following year brought a golden opportunity: a performance at Enel’s headquarters and at the Brazilian embassy in Rome, a memory that Silvio and the rest of the orchestra will carry forever. “I visited the Vatican, the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain. I had never even imagined embarking on such an amazing trip.”

The youth, who was only familiar with country music, now dabbles in different styles and holds a special affection for classical works. “I like Beethoven’s Third and Fifth Symphonies, Wagner’s Tannhäuser Overture and Mozart’s Symphony No 25,” he lists.

Today, music cradles the dream of a better future. Silvio hopes to improve his family’s reality and never to distance himself from musical notes.

“Music has been a turning point in my life. Today I have many colleagues; I’m not embarrassed to speak to people and to make new friends. I have a regular income and can help my mother at home. Music made me see possibilities that would never have crossed my mind before”

– Silvio Luiz Pena, young musician

Enel created the Symphony of Tomorrow project in 2013 in partnership with Goiás’ Young Symphony Orchestra. In addition to Cachoeira Dourada, it also serves the towns of Itumbiara (GO) and Cachoeira de Minas (MG). Currently violin, double bass, classic guitar, recorder, choir and brass instrument lessons are available. As well as musical teaching, the students receive social and learning support.