Youths take brazilian energy to Italy

Published on Wednesday, 22 March 2017

“The trips were incredible! I formed groups with people from Chile, Spain, France and several other countries, and to this day I keep in touch with the friends I made there through social media. What I liked the most were the lab experiences. Today I understand what a ‘smart home’ is and how the movement sensors and solar panels work. Italy is very cool!”

– Mhell Victória Vila Pedroso, 15 years old

Mhell, who aims to be a doctor in the future, is the pride and joy of her father, electrical maintenance technician Marcio da Silva Pedroso: “I started working at the company as an intern and really enjoy working here. In addition to welcoming me, Enel has also welcomed my family. Today I of course wear the company on my sleeve. In fact, not only on my sleeve but on the helmet, the gloves, the glasses and all my protection gear,” he joked.

The children of Enel Brasil employees first took part in the competition in 2010. Since then, Brazilian youngsters won 17 slots in the international camp. 

A resident of Itaperuna, in the northeast of Rio de Janeiro state, Alefe Barbosa is one of the most dedicated participants. Like Mhell, the 16-year-old student is also a two-time We Are Energy champion. He went to Italy in 2015 and 2016:

“While I am within the age limit to take part I will continue to enrol and try to get a spot again! My favourite subjects in school are chemistry and biology. In the camps I could test several skills and meet people from all over the world. I can’t wait to learn more and more!”

– Alefe Marinho Barbosa, 16 years old

In addition to Alefe, new connections and billing specialist Alexandre José Rosa Barbosa is also father to 17-year-old Asafe. The two sons have already started to think of the projects they will submit to try for a spot at this year’s camp. “They are very close. Imagine the joy if both get places in 2017? I will celebrate like crazy! The project brought Alefe a new outlook on life. Today he is grounded, focused on the future, knows what he wants. Naturally I’m extremely proud”, said the father, who has worked for Enel Group for 11 years.

Last year the competition had the theme ‘Visions of the Future’. Candidates had to describe how they imagined tomorrow would be: new technologies and new ways of living. The most creative works were selected to attend the Italian camp. There the young winners received several incentives and gave ideas for a ‘city of the future’, a sustainable, efficient, inclusive, safe, intelligent, responsible and open place.

The 2017 edition is around the corner

The 13th edition of We Are Energy takes place in July and will focus on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the UN for 2030.

“Enel supports particularly the achievement of four SDGs: affordable and clean energy; climate action; quality education; and decent work and economic growth”

To obtain a place in the international camp participants will have to choose one of the UN’s goals and present ideas and solutions, becoming real agents of change. They can develop initiatives in their homes, at school or within their group of friends, or work as reporters and discover how one of the SDGs is being developed in their community.