Enel Shares Leadership Network Forum takes place in Goiás for the first time

Published on Thursday, 2 May 2019

Enel Distribuição Goiás promoted at the company’s headquarters, on April 16th, the first State Leadership Network Forum, with the presence of around 80 community representatives from several municipalities. Enel Distribuição Goiás president Abel Rochinha, Enel Brasil sustainability projects manager Lincoln Morales and Enel Brasil distribution sustainability projects manager Odailton Arruda also took part in the inaugural event, which had as its theme “Safety:  the Energy that moves the leaders of Goiás”.

The Forum aimed to present the 2018 results and bring community leaders and the company closer together. One year ago, the Enel Shares Leadership Network project arrived in Goiás and today it has several active leaders divided between the municipalities of Anápolis, Goiânia, Aparecida de Goiânia, Trindade, Senador Canedo, Bela Vista de Goiás and Hidrolândia. The action brings the daily demands of the municipalities into the company, allowing for a closer and more assertive dialogue with communities. In Goiás, the project was extended to include milk farmers, as it was noticed that the State needs to get closer to those customers and understand their needs. During the event, cultural exhibitions were also on show, as well as handicrafts fairs.

“The idea behind this gathering is to have a two-way operation, where we offer information and you help by bringing your daily needs and challenges, bringing your routine, bringing real life to us. This is the idea, having a leadership network, a network of people who can interact with us,” added Abel Rochinha. “We want to listen, understand, respond and interact with you,” highlighted the company’s president.

Enel’s distributors in the states of Ceará and Rio de Janeiro held in February their annual editions of the Enel Shares Leadership Network Forum. At the Ceará headquarters, 146 community associations from across the state took part, and the event had as its theme “Living in the age of connectivity”. In Rio, the event had the participation of around 100 leaders from the state, representing 12 municipalities within the company’s concession area, and had as its theme “Collaborative Partnership”.

About the project

Enel Shares Leadership Network was launched in 2005 and brought the demands and reality of society to the company, allowing a closer and more assertive dialogue with the communities that today form our concession area.

Participating associations act in their communities as multiplication agents for the company, offering information to prevent clients’ journeys to visit customer service stores. The work is developed in almost all distributors, being currently in the process of implementation in the state of São Paulo.

By taking on a public commitment with four of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Enel Shares Leadership Network puts into practice an initiative that improves the company’s relationship with its stakeholders, boosting SDGs 7 and 17 which guarantee, through solid partnerships, the reliable, sustainable and modern access to energy for everyone.