The Programme

Enel Solidary Light - one of the main smart and efficient electricity consumption incentive initiatives - allows customers to exchange white goods for more efficient models with a 50% discount across Enel’s whole concession area in Rio de Janeiro, Ceará and Goiás.

As well as promoting responsible consumption culture and environmental preservation, Solidary Light is an example of a creation of shared value project as it stimulates support for social projects: when taking part in Solidary Light, the customer donates 5% of the bonus received when purchasing the white good to the social projects supported by the initiative.

“Sustainability is at the heart of Enel’s strategy in Brazil and globally, as well as innovation. We aim to undertake projects that have the Open Power strategy of facing the main global challenges, as well as the creation of shared value methodology, where we look to do projects that generate value for society and for our company’s business.”

– Márcia Massotti, Enel Brasil Sustainability Director

Project Figures

With benefits to customers, the environment and the community, Solidary Light adds to impressive figures: since its first edition in 2009, around 80,000 white goods have been replaced, R$49m in bonuses given to residential customers and around R$8.9m donated to 279 projects in Ceará, Goiás and Rio de Janeiro.

Energy Efficiency and environmental preservation

With Solidary Light, you save and also help to protect the environment! Devices acquired feature the low electricity consumption guarantee awarded by the National Electricity Conservation Programme (Programa Nacional de Conservação de Energia Elétrica - Procel).

Furthermore, the customer has to hand over the old white good for sustainable disposal, organised by the distributor. By doing that, the customer knows their device will be disposed of by following the correct recycling process, avoiding environmental contamination by harmful gases, plastic and other residues.

Supported projects

The social projects financed through the programme develop environmental protection activities, income generation, professional training and promotion of human rights, fostering socioeconomic development, empowerment of participants and of the communities involved.  

Projects selected in the states of Rio de Janeiro, Ceará and Goiás in the 2018 edition of Solidary Light will receive a contribution of R$1.6m, with the start of activities projected for January 2019.

Register your project

To compete for the financial support from Solidary Light, entities, associations and NGOs must submit their proposals through the project website. Follow Enel Brasil’s social channels and the site for the opening of public notices regarding project registration.

How to participate

To acquire a discounted device through Solidary Light, you must be an Enel Distribuição customer without unpaid debts with the distributor.

During the sales period, the customer must visit one of the partner shops with their Identity Card or other photo ID, CPF and a recent energy bill (from the last 90 days). To expedite the process, the customer can pre-register through the website and the Solidary Light app.

To check the partner shop list or pre-register, access the Solidary Light website.