Public Lighting

Understand how Public Lighting is managed.

The Public Lighting in your town is under the responsibility of the municipal government, from the development of the project, implementation, expansion and operation to the maintenance of installations.

In case of burnt-out light bulbs and other required improvements, you need to speak to the town hall.

According to Aneel regulation 414, Public Lighting is the service that provides clarity to public locations, in periodic, continuous or eventual form.

It is characterized by the lighting of streets, squares, avenues, tunnels, subterranean passages, gardens, paths, roads, alongside other public areas and defined through specific legislation, except for the supply of electricity for any type of advertising or publicity, or for the accomplishment of profit-driven activities.


Important: On the municipalities listed below, the maintenance of the public lighting network is the responsibility of Enel Ceará, and the replacement of lamps is done by the respective municipalities. Acopiara, Aiuaba, Altaneira, Antonina do Norte, Arneiroz, Aurora, Caririaçu, Cariús, Catarina, Deputado Irapuan Pinheiro, Granjeiro, Ibiapina, Icó, Jardim, Jucás, Milagres, Miraíma,Nova Olinda, Orós, Pentecoste, Quixelô, Saboeiro, São João do Jaguaribe, Solonópole, Umari.


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