Decree nº 32.847/2018 - Rural Producer

Relisting Procedure - Rural Producers

In Decree 32.847/2018, published on October 31, the State of Ceará establishes the cases and how the rural producer class of consumers can obtain the non-incidence/exemption of ICMS in the electric power supply operations.

Said Decree discourses, among other things, about the procedure to be carried out by rural producers for the purposes of the exemption.

Documentation required:

    ·The form, duly completed and signed. Click here to download the form.

    · Registration of the owner of the consumer unit with the Secretaries, Institutes, Federations and Unions listed in the form.

    ·Individual: also present an official document with photo and the CPF.

    · Legal entity: present also the updated CNPJ card and the agreement, Bylaws and other additives.

After the delivery of the documents listed in one of the of Enel Ceará stores, they will be submitted for validation of the concessionaire, with the purpose of verifying that the consumer unit meets the requirements established in the new state legislation for exemption of ICMS.

Where to apply:

     Service Stores.

Deadline for Attendance:

    Maximum term of up to 120 (one hundred and twenty) days from the receipt of correspondence.