Low Income Social Tariff

With the benefit, the discount on your energy bill could reach 65%, depending on usage. Scroll the page down!

With the Electricity Social Tariff, the lower the usage, the higher your discount. Created by the Federal Government for low-income families, the programme offers discounts on energy bills, which can reach up to 65% compared with the regular residential tariff. The discount will be given to a single residential consumer unit per beneficiary family and applied following validation of the registration by Aneel (National Electric Energy Agency).

Monthly usage of up to 30kWh:65%

Monthly usage between 31kWh and 100kWh:40%

Monthly usage between 101kWh and 220kWh:10%

Who is entitled to the discount?

- Families enrolled in CadÚnico, with monthly family income of up to half a minimum wage per person;

- Families enrolled in CadÚnico with monthly family income of up to three times the minimum wage, with person suffering from an illness or pathology which treatment requires devices connected to mains power (Vital Customer)

- Recipients of the CPB (Continuous Provision Benefit): elderly or disabled people with family income up to 1/4 of the minimum wage.

Required Documentation:

- CPF, Identity Card or another type of photo ID, NIS (Número de Inscrição Social, or Social Security Number) or NB (Número do Benefício, or Benefit Number), Electricity bill.

- Indigenous people or Quilombolas: if they have no ID or CPF, the customer must present the RANI (Registro Administrativo de Nascimento Indígena, or Indigenous Birth Administrative Registration).

- Vital Customer: as well as the documents mentioned above, the customer must present a copy of the medical report proving the need for the use of devices constantly connected to mains power.

Where to request: Stores, Facebook e Twitter.

Important Information:

- Customer who don’t have the Social Security Number (Número de Inscrição Social, NIS) can register with CadÚnico.: all you need to do is visit the nearest Welfare Reference Centre (Centro de Referência de Assistência Social, CRAS).

- Don’t forget to keep your CRAS record up-to-date: failure to update registration details for over two years will cause the loss of the Social Tariff benefit.

- Check your energy bill to find out if you´re already registered for the benefit.

- The benefit will be granted as soon as the information is updated on the official basis MDS/CadUnico.