Enel Green Power Cachoeira Dourada S.A. (EGP Cachoeira Dourada) is located in the town of Cachoeira Dourada in Goiás. A privately held company, EGP Cachoeira Dourada acts in the research, projections, construction, installation, operation and use of electric energy generation plants, as well as in the trading of energy.

Built in the 1950s to generate the energy needed for the building of Brasília, EGP Cachoeira Dourada has been controlled by Enel Group since 1997. Its generating capacity in 2016 was 658 MW and its availability, 90.34%.

Sustainable performance

In line with the Shared Value Creation approach adopted as part of the corporate strategy of the Enel Group, EGP Cachoeira Dourada promotes initiatives for the surrounding communities, aiming the sustainable development of the company and society. In 2017, the activities carried out with local communities benefited around 8,000 people.

The preservation of biodiversity is one of the strategic goal for Enel Group’s environmental policy, so in 2016 EGP Cachoeira Dourada started offering resources for the development of actions and programmes in the conservation and sustainable integration of its businesses.  It is worth highlighting that EGP Cachoeira Dourada’s operations are not within zones of hydric stress. The National Water Agency (Agência Nacional de Águas – ANA) maintains studies on the physical security of the country’s hydroelectric plants, which includes the usage of hydric resources.