Seeding Energies - Annual Sustainability Report

Published on Friday, 30 June 2017

Last year was very important for Enel in Brazil and around the world. In addition to the standardisation of the global brand, we maintained our commitment with society and with protecting the environment, highlighting social projects and investing in clean and renewable energy generation. The company’s main indicators, strategies and initiatives can be found in the Enel Brasil Annual Sustainability Report 2016, which has just been launched.

The support for the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, together with the ‘innovability’ (innovation plus sustainability) concept, is our group’s guiding principle. We continually invest in research to find new solutions and opportunities for our customers, employees and partners, promoting development and access to energy.

In 2016 we undertook over 100 sustainability projects directed at communities, benefiting more than 2.3m people. These included education initiatives around responsible consumption and the dissemination of sustainability concepts and practices, such as combating wastefulness and irregular energy use, supporting local development, income generation and democratising the access to culture – always aiming to create shared value.

“People are our best type of energy. This energy grows and prospers thanks to a network that allows us to share values, ideas, professional experiences and personal passions. Sustainability is part of Enel’s culture and is a fundamental pillar for the company’s growth and development”

Since 2003, Enel publishes its report with the company’s economic, social and environmental results according to Global Reporting Initiative directives.