Headquartered in the town of Caucaia, in the metropolitan region of Ceará’s capital, Enel Geração Fortaleza (new branding for Central Geradora Termelétrica Fortaleza – CGTF) is a privately held company that works in the generation and sale of electric energy. In October 2001 CGTF was authorised by the National Electric Energy Agency (Agência Nacional de Energia Elétrica – Aneel) to establish itself as an independent producer of electric energy. However, operations started on December 27th 2003.

CGTF integrates the Pecém Industrial and Port Complex, installed in a strategic region for the growth of the state of Ceará, 50 kilometres away from Fortaleza, which fostered the appearance of other industries of similar scale.

Enel Geração Fortaleza owns one of the most advanced technologies in thermal energy generation in the country, producing energy in a combined gas and vapour cycle. With generating capacity of 326.6 MW (data from 2016), it has a 1.2 km high-voltage transmission line (230kV).